30 day challenge – Day 30

Your highs and lows of this month

This month is only halfway through and it’s already been intense.  The Customer Service Manager that got me my job back at Hobby Lobby got fired last week for no discernible reason and the managers were jerks about it and had the cops escort her out (which is apparently standard practice at Wal-Mart, where our head manager came from) at the end of her shift.  We were already down a CSM and now we’re doubly screwed.  The grandfather of one of my coworkers died and they would only give her two days off when company policy is three days.  They have promoted two more new people over me and last i heard i am still on probation.  I am in no mood to apply for the new CSM opening (vacated by my friend) and will very likely give notice this week.

Highs?  Rediscovering my love for Christian music.  It’s been a long time, but there are a couple of songs in particular that have been a balm to my soul lately.  I feel more loved right now than i have in a long time (by the coworker who lost her family member and a couple of other coworkers that i have always wanted to work more closely with, namely those in the Fabric/Needlearts department, as this was the skill set i was initially hired for).  Quitting, if it happens, will be a high, but i am terrified because i still don’t know how to support myself, my other jobs are on hiatus, and i haven’t even gotten paid for most of the work i did for Caption Colorado this quarter.

I need to make more money and i’m tired of being screwed over by Hobby Lobby.  It’s true, i would make more money if i applied for and got one of the CSM positions, but they have proved time and again that they are not interested in promoting me.  Coming up with bogus claims (i.e. blatant lies) to write me up for is something i never should have put up with last summer and fall.  If i have to i’ll suck up my pride and go on welfare/stamps, this is just not worth it to me any more.  I have more loyalty to my friends that i work with than the inept management at Hobby Lobby.  So this is likely the end and i hope i can exit gracefully, but if not i’m sure they’ll find someone else to screw over soon enough.

So this is the end of my writing prompts.  I’m considering finding more and i’m considering just coming up with my own content to write.  I’m sure i’ll have more time to write soon unless God provides me with a much better job that takes up more of my time.  I’d appreciate it if you’d keep me in your prayers (if you are so inclined) as i’m sure the next few weeks will be difficult.



i love feedback

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